Our mission is to help our clients to be even more successful by partnering with them to grow and resource their businesses and teams more effectively, and to offer our candidates advice and assistance to help them develop further in their careers.

Our brand,  is comprised of 25 disciplines – each providing a service to a specialist area of the market. We are a leading consultancy offering total recruitment solutions from entry-level to middle and senior level placements.

BlackRidge Global Sourcing sets out the best comprehensive offer “the best fit’’ 24/7 we have adopted a ‘partnering’ approach identifying your core values, business strategy, corporate culture and ascertain detailed criteria for each recruitment need.

Partnering with BlackRidge Global Sourcing is reaching the world-class standard of reducing recruitment costs, working with us is also a way of complementing in-house staff through high calibre consultants, turning a fixed resource into a scalable one that meets fluctuating demands.

Consistently deliver reliable, high quality services supported by sophisticated candidates to lead us to internationally proven methods derived from a ‘best-practices’ approach whatever making your talent engaged.

Our business started life in Luxembourg  in 2014 and Nearly fiveyears later we have more than 30 employees and a global office network, while growing our Luxemburgish market coverage too.

With offices from Paris to Amsterdam to Brussels we have the track record to handle your recruitment requirements or job search. We combine our local knowledge and global expertise to provide a specialised service to both employers and candidates.

Our expertise

Find out about our areas of expertise:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Consultancy, strategy and change
  • Technology
  • Digital
  • Human resources
  • Executive search
  • Legal
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Life sciences
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Oil and gas
  • Procurement and supply chain
  • Property
  • Public sector
  • Sales
  • Facilities management
  • Health, safety and environment


We have built on this vision to create a business that is different from the competition and provides all of our staff with the opportunity to benefit from its success.

Our vision is embodied in our corporate culture:

  • To put the company before any one individual’s financial or other personal aspirations.
  • To create a stakeholder mentality where everybody owns part of the business.
  • To create a meritocracy whereby everybody is judged equally and rewarded appropriately based on their contribution to the business.
  • To create an environment that enables staff to maximise their potential. Complete commitment to equal opportunities.


Throughout our company’s history, our values have enabled us to deal professionally with clients and the candidates community.

Our values have played a key role in our approach to client and candidate service and are an integral part of how we operate. They form the basis on which our company culture and policies rest. They guide us in the way we work, communicate and share information and knowledge.

Our values define who we are as an organisation. They have brought us to where we are today and will take us into the future.

  • Excellence. We know we’re up against tough competition. Which makes us work even harder to stay ahead. That’s why we surround ourselves with inspirational colleagues – people who never stop thinking creatively and giving their all to deliver unsurpassed results for our clients and candidates.
  • Accessibility. Our clients and our candidates are essential to the success of our business and we aim to exceed expectations with our professionalism and precision.
  • Collaborative. Teamwork lies at the heart of who we are. By providing sincere, objective advice and challenging convention, we develop genuinely insightful relationships with clients, candidates and each other.
  • Client and Candidate Driven. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a job well done. And that’s what drives us. It shows in the way we’re proactive and conscientious, and how we do all we can to give our clients and candidates the most customized service possible.
  • Innovation. Our services are tailored to individual needs. We are solutions-driven and our independence creates an entrepreneurial environment.
  • Commercial awareness.We embrace and promote technical excellence and respond to change to ensure that we grow with evolving trends and new developments.
  • Engaging. We always take our work seriously, but never ourselves. This makes us particularly enjoyable to work with. Our team’s sense of humour, inquisitive nature and engaging personality make anything seem possible. And the buzz this creates is electric.